Englisch an der 76. Oberschule Dresden-Briesnitz
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5 Vokabeln Verbs at school colours animals things personal pronouns Phrases U1
words U1-1 (-p.21) day words school things school uniform subjects at school words U1-2 (-p.29)
words at home family words words U2 (-p.47) words U1 words U2 words U3
places in a town days/months/year saying the date activities at home words U3 words U4
crossword animals crossword U4_1 crossword U4_2 crossword U5 words U5
  Grammatik be-Formen short questions and answers telling the day - simple present simple present positive sentences simple present negative sentences simple present questions II
  simple present questions II simple present at a glance simple present test      
  Dialoge Nice to meet you! Talking to friends at school Good shops Shopping Questions and answers  
6 Vokabeln words U1 opposites/pairs of words crossword verbs past group words words U2
directions simple past of verbs simple past of irregular verbs Chores words u3 words body health
parts of the body
  Grammatik sentences simple past questions simple past adjectives irregular verbs present perfect some/any
  Dialoge Talking about pets Telling the way Making arrangements How are you today
7 Vokabeln words unit 1 LH3 city words network words unit 2 LH3
Intro D3 U1-1 D3 pairs of adjectives Showing the way U1-2 D3 U2-1 D3
u2 words media D3 u3 sports words D3 u4 having an argument D3
  Grammatik Past-Perfect conditionals present progressive with future meaning modal verbs and their substitutes reflexive pronouns I reflexive pronouns II
conditionals type 1
  Dialoge telephone messages explaining the way at the bus station at the post office    
8 Vokabeln BE-AE u2 words school words school words BE/AE TV words much/many
LH4 u3 words California LH4 u3 crossword LH4 u4 words LH4 u4 crossword LH4 u5 words
  Grammatik Erklärung Passiv passive present 1 passive present 2 passive past 1 passive past 2 passive with auxiliaries
  active/passive 1 active/passive 2 irregular verbs present perfect since/for past perfect
  Dialoge/talks At the deli A day in NY talking about school
9 Vokabeln vocabulary unit 1 D5 vocabulary unit 1 LH5 vocabulary unit 1 LH5 quizlet vocabulary unit 1 LH5 character vocabulary unit 2 LH5 vocabulary unit 3 LH5 jobs
vocabulary jobs vocabulary work vocabulary unit 3 LH5 quizlet
  Grammatik tenses overview tenses exercises indirect speech 1 indirect speech 2 indirect questions indirect commands
  Dialoge/talks Having a conversation Job interview At the doctor's
10 Vokabeln words U1 quizlet words U2 quizlet words U3 quizlet verschiedene Vokabelthemen
Prüfungsvorbereitung multiple choice multiple choice machine Übung 1 Übung 2 Übung 3 Übung 4 Übung 5
  Grammatik viele Grammatikthemen
  Dialoge/talks Holiday plans
General links tenses tenses at a glance
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